Punjab Ashirwad Scheme: Empowering The Girl Child

Punjab Ashirwad Scheme: Empowering The Girl Child


In an endeavor to uplift and empower the girl child, the government of Punjab has launched the “Ashirwad Scheme.” This ambitious scheme aims to provide financial assistance and support to girls in the state, ensuring their holistic development and a brighter future. The Punjab Ashirwad Scheme is a significant step towards promoting gender equality and breaking the barriers that have hindered the progress of girls in the state.

Key Features of the Scheme

  1. Financial Assistance at Various Stages: Under the Ashirwad Scheme, financial assistance is provided at different stages of a girl’s life. From birth to her education and even after marriage, the scheme covers various aspects to ensure that girls receive the necessary support to lead a dignified life. 
  2. Cash Incentives for Girl Child: Financial incentives are provided to the parents or guardians of the girl child. A significant amount is given at the time of her birth to encourage families to celebrate the birth of a girl child with enthusiasm and joy. 
  3. Education Support: The Ashirwad Scheme emphasizes the importance of education for girls. To ensure that no girl is deprived of education due to financial constraints, the scheme offers financial aid for the girl’s education. This includes covering school fees, books, uniforms, and other educational expenses. 
  4. Empowering Girls through Skill Development: The scheme focuses on empowering girls with relevant skills to enhance their employability. Special vocational training and skill development programs are organized for girls, enabling them to pursue various career options and become financially independent. 
  5. Promotion of Health and Nutrition: The Ashirwad Scheme also includes provisions for ensuring the health and well-being of girls. Regular health check-ups, nutritional support, and access to healthcare facilities are part of the scheme’s initiatives. 
  6. Assistance for Marriage Expenses: The scheme extends its support even during the girl’s marriage. Financial assistance is provided to help families manage the expenses associated with marriage ceremonies.

Impact and Benefits

The Punjab Ashirwad Scheme has already made a significant impact in the lives of countless girls and their families. By providing financial support, it has encouraged families to value and invest in the education and well-being of their daughters. This has led to increased school enrollment and reduced drop-out rates among girls.

Moreover, the emphasis on skill development and vocational training has empowered girls to explore diverse career opportunities and contribute to the workforce actively. This has not only improved their economic condition but has also challenged the prevailing gender norms in society.

The scheme has also raised awareness about the significance of the girl child and the need to address gender inequality. It has initiated a positive change in attitudes towards the value and potential of girls in Punjab.


The Punjab Ashirwad Scheme is a visionary step towards transforming the lives of girls in the state. By providing comprehensive support and financial assistance, the scheme aims to break the cycle of discrimination and empower the girl child to realize her full potential. This remarkable initiative is not just about financial aid but also about instilling a sense of confidence, dignity, and self-reliance in the girls of Punjab. It is a powerful testament to the government’s commitment to building a progressive and inclusive society, where every girl is nurtured and cherished with love and respect.