Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal. Founder Chancellor (LPU). Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal

Member of Parliament

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal holds a distinguished position as a Member of Parliament in India’s Upper House, the Rajya Sabha, alongside being the esteemed Founder Chancellor of Lovely Professional University (LPU). His unwavering belief in the inherent generosity of humanity, epitomized by the mantra, “Paying back more than what we are paid for,” serves as the cornerstone of his philosophy, propelling his dedicated efforts towards giving back to society.

His persona is characterized by a unique blend of wisdom and vision, encapsulating the motto of ‘Transforming Education, Transforming India.’ Dr. Mittal’s overarching goal is to foster a research-driven ecosystem that encourages creativity and attracts substantial international research grants.

Guided by the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, compassion, equality, and universality, his approach embodies a holistic ethos aimed at societal betterment. He has spearheaded the implementation of India’s most extensive private scholarship program, disbursing annual scholarships exceeding Rs. 100 crores to deserving students, including those with physical disabilities. Notably, he has extended a 100% scholarship initiative specifically for students impacted by spinal cord injuries. Aligned with these objectives, numerous laptops have been distributed to various NGOs such as Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA), Saksham, Gyandeep Teaching Project, and Aaghaaz. This collaborative effort, in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, aims to enhance online learning opportunities for individuals in need.

Continuing along the same trajectory, he has actively immersed himself in community service initiatives. Under his guidance, approximately 1000 NSS volunteers and over 100 NCC cadets organize more than 400 community events annually.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Mittal has been bestowed with esteemed accolades such as the Indian Red Cross Award, Punjab Gaurav Award, Shiksha Ratan Award, National Education Excellence Awards, among others. These accolades stand as testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to advancing education and societal welfare.

Beyond the corridors of power, Dr. Mittal’s impact is measured not just in policies enacted but in the tangible difference he has made in the lives of countless people. His leadership philosophy, rooted in ethical principles, resonates in every aspect of his work, reinforcing the idea that leadership is not just about position but about making a positive and lasting impact on society.

Dr. Mittal’s leadership extends beyond sheer numerical growth; it is characterized by a strategic and effective management approach that has garnered international acclaim. The scorching pace of LPU’s expansion is not just a statistic but a testament to Dr. Mittal’s acumen in steering growth with precision and foresight. His adept management of this exponential growth has become a subject of study and admiration globally, serving as a model for institutions aspiring to make a profound impact.

What sets Dr. Mittal apart is not only his administrative prowess but also his steady commitment to fostering holistic development. He has spearheaded dramatic improvements and innovations in education delivery, ensuring that LPU remains at the forefront of providing a well-rounded educational experience.

In the shortest possible time, Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal has carved a niche for himself as a dynamic visionary, both in the parliamentary arena and the realm of education. His journey stands as a exemplification to the transformative power of principled leadership and the enduring influence it can have on the lives of individuals and communities. Dr. Mittal’s story is one of inspiration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, setting a high standard for leaders in both academia and public service.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal, a native of Jalandhar, Punjab, is a distinguished law graduate from Guru Nanak Dev University. His academic journey is further adorned by an honorary Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’ conferred upon him by Atal Bihari Vajpayee University (ABVU) in Chhattisgarh. Dr. Mittal’s professional trajectory is a testament to his unwavering commitment to aligning his work with his profound ethical beliefs, thereby solidifying his status as a dynamic visionary.

His remarkable impact is evidenced by the tangible difference he has made in the lives of countless individuals within a remarkably short span. Dr. Mittal’s dedication and visionary approach have significantly impacted the lives of numerous people, reflecting his steadfast commitment to societal transformation and progress.

Political Career

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal, an eminent member of the Aam Aadmi Party, secured a notable success in the Rajya Sabha electoral process from Punjab, subsequently assuming the position of a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament in March 2022. Renowned for his insightful contributions, Dr. Mittal has been an active and engaged participant in the parliamentary arena since his induction.

In notable instances, Dr. Mittal has articulated discerning perspectives concerning India’s economic landscape and the transformative shifts within the educational sphere. His parliamentary engagements have been characterized by active participation in indispensable deliberations. Particularly noteworthy is his resolute position on issues including the burgeoning instances of human trafficking and the economic adversities encountered by farmers in Punjab amid the financial downturn. Dr. Mittal’s steadfast advocacy for the Shopkeepers Welfare bill, acclaimed as a foundational element in India’s economic framework, and his active participation in discussions pertaining to critical legislative matters such as The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2022, serve to underscore his unwavering dedication to addressing pivotal concerns.

With a steadfast commitment to Punjab’s economic transformation, he has adopted villages, overseeing infrastructure modernization and youth training through the ‘Saathi’ project. Beyond Punjab, initiatives include blood donation camps in Leh-Ladakh, a 10-Day ‘Peace Rally,’ tree plantation drives, drug rehab efforts, disaster relief, and regular blood donation drives, impacting thousands. Mr. Ashok Mittal pays tribute to defense personnel, honoring Pulwama Attack martyrs with relief efforts for affected families. His IT initiatives modernize schools and provide free software assistance to local businesses, reflecting a comprehensive dedication to societal upliftment.

Furthermore, Dr. Mittal’s profound concern for diverse aspects of national development is evidenced by his persistent questioning regarding the education sector, industrial development, tourism in Punjab, the status of medical facilities, and the prevailing unemployment rate. His parliamentary statistics reflect a commendable track record, showcasing his active engagement through the articulation of 138 starred and un-starred questions, active participation in 14 significant debates, and the introduction of 4 impactful Private Member Bills. These statistics underline his dedicated commitment to addressing crucial issues impacting the nation’s trajectory and advocating for meaningful change through legislative channels.

Contribution towards Educational Transformation

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal has spearheaded transformative advancements in education delivery and holistic development, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape. His visionary initiative in founding LPU in 2005 has positioned it as one of India’s largest single-campus Universities, distinguished by its unparalleled infrastructure and a diverse student body of over 35,000 individuals hailing from every state in India and representing 50 countries. Notably, beyond the rapid growth trajectory, Dr. Mittal’s adept management of this growth has garnered global acclaim, serving as a compelling case study.

A focal point of his efforts revolves around cultivating a culture of research and innovation within higher education. He emphasize research and innovation in higher education, aiming to create partnerships between academia and industry that benefit society. Not only this his vision has supported the University receiving the accolades in a very short span including many awards in first attempt like Highest NAAC grade A++ with 3.68 score on 4-point scale received by LPU, Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2023 and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024, National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2023.

Under his visionary leadership, our unwavering commitment to the national skill development mission continues. Acknowledging the paramount importance of aligning academic programs with industry requirements, our institution strives to empower students with skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to the evolving demands of the professional world. This strategic approach not only elevates the employability of our graduates but also makes a substantial contribution to the nation’s broader skill development agenda.

In pursuit of this vision, what sets us apart is not just our academic excellence but also the cutting-edge facilities we provide. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Google, LINUX, and Python, we offer our students access to top-notch labs. This collaborative effort ensures a hands-on learning experience, keeping our students abreast of the latest technologies and industry practices.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal’s vision extends beyond conventional education, emphasizing that quality higher education should be accessible to all. Recognizing constraints like work commitments, affordability, and societal/geographical barriers, he championed the evolution of the Distance and Online Education system at LPU. The Centre for Distance and Online Education offers a diverse range of programs, benefiting countless lifelong learners and contributing to increased Gross Enrolment Ratio in Higher Education in India. Dr. Mittal’s foresight in introducing innovative andragogical and technological advancements resulted in an affordable and trusted study mode, particularly for under-represented sections. Presently, 50% of students are from rural areas, 40% are females, and over 25% are employed/self-employed. The introduction of fully online mode in 2021 has attracted more working professionals, with around 50% employed in the Government or Private sectors. These students enjoy the same opportunities as on-campus peers, thanks to award-winning Learning Management Systems and Mobile Apps. Dr. Mittal’s visionary approach has created credible Distance & Online Learning systems, drawing bureaucrats, industry leaders, Olympians, entrepreneurs, defence personnel, and international students. Upon completion of their programs, these individuals not only advance in their careers but also contribute significantly to societal betterment.

IP India has granted 58 Indian patents and 27 international patents in calendar year 2023 and Research papers (Scopus) 14362 along with Citations (Scopes) 120725 and H-Index 115 till 4th Jan’2024, aiming to create partnerships between academia and industry that benefit society.

Under his leadership, LPU achieved a significant milestone by hosting the ‘106th Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2019,’ a five-day science extravaganza that enjoyed the distinguished presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The event was marked by the inauguration by the Prime Minister and the introduction of the slogan “Jai Anusandhan” alongside the iconic “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan, Jai Vigyan.”

Committed to community service and driving economic transformation in Punjab, Dr. Mittal has pioneered India’s most extensive private scholarship scheme, annually disbursing scholarships exceeding        Rs. 100 crores to deserving students, including the physically disabled.

His guidance made LPU become India’s first Private University to get ICAR Accreditation. Also The University is among Top 25 institutes of India to be recognised for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship by MHRD, Govt of India.

In his capacity as a public representative and an educational luminary, Dr. Mittal’s initiatives center on advancing societal welfare, particularly by supporting education among economically marginalized sections of our society.

Furthermore, under his leadership the outreach initiatives target economically disadvantaged sections of society. Through tailored programs, scholarships, mentorship endeavors, and community outreach initiatives, the institution strives to bridge educational disparities and create opportunities for those encountering economic challenges.

Contribution Towards Athletic Endeavors

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal’s visionary leadership has significantly enhanced the sports facilities at the institution, bringing them up to international standards. The infrastructure includes one indoor, two outdoor, and three all-weather swimming pools. Recognizing the pivotal role of sports in student development, he strategically recruited over 50 experienced coaches with international sports backgrounds. These coaches play a crucial role in nurturing aspiring sports enthusiasts, providing guidance and support to shape their careers in various games.

Dr. Mittal’s steadfast commitment to promoting sports is evident in the institution’s substantial financial support. He initiated programs covering the procurement of sports equipment, sponsorship of dietary needs, and the establishment of a scholarship scheme, benefiting over 1000 students, enabling them to access sports facilities and training at no cost.

LPU student Ms. Nasreen Shaikh, a first-year MPEd student and the Captain of the Kho Kho Game at LPU and nationally, was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award by Hon’ble President Droupadi Murmu at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Dr. Mittal expressed his delight at the Ministry of Sports’ announcement of the MAKA Sports 1st Runner-Up Trophy in the university’s name. His passion for sports led him to organize the Khelo India league on the University campus.

Under his guidance, Lovely Professional University (LPU) has witnessed a surge in sports achievements. In the Tokyo Olympics 2021, 11 LPU students participated, securing an outstanding tally of 9 medals, including the historic Gold medal won by Neeraj Chopra in Javelin Throw, Bajrang Punia’s Bronze in Wrestling, and the Bronze claimed by the Hockey team, featuring Captain Manpreet Singh and 6 other participants. In the Asian Games held in China in 2022, 40 LPU athletes competed, clinching an impressive 22 medals, comprising 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 4 Bronze medals, showcasing the institution’s remarkable sporting achievements under Dr. Mittal’s visionary stewardship.